#fanart / Person of Interest banners 3

And again, a new set of banners for A new set of banners for the facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/poiteameurope which is reaching out to 300 members soon enough !


#fanart / Person of Interest banners 2

A new set of banners for the facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/poiteameurope/ which was honoured with the unexpected and highly acclaimed membership of actor Winston Duke (Dominic) !


#fanart / Venom Down

It just came to me that Jim Caviezel, the man in the suit from Person of Interest would be a perfect James Bond should the job be available. So I took the whole team from PoI and came up with this fictitious movie poster. He fits the job perfectly don't you think ?


#fanart / Person of Interest banners 1

I've undergone a series of character banners for the facebook group Person of  Interest Team Europe : https://www.facebook.com/groups/poiteameurope/
There's no schedule for this, just the inspiration of the moment and the time left in the week.


#score / Siege of Alamuth

Epic oriental suite inspired by games like Prince of Persia, stories like Aladin or the 1001 Nights. Symphonic powerful moments meet traditional percussions, oud, ney or singing - inspired by scores like the Elder Scrolls, Spellforce, Crusader, Stronghold.
Composed by Bruno CARIOU


#fanart / Sleepy Hollow

I'm a big fan of Sleepy Hollow too. So there you go, some kind of cabalistic dark magic version of the epic season that's going on now on FOX.