There's a nice slow electro track, for a change, to take a break for a minute, look back on 2014 a second, and look ahead with eyes wide open. Happy new 2015 year to you all.

released 31 December 2014 bruno cariou, composer

#fanArt / Person of Interest

FIRST PUBLISHED ON DECEMBER 29, 2014 on @cinematicworks, Twitter
Images belong to CBS, no copyright infringement intended, just fan art. (any issue, contact bruzwork+free.fr)

I'm a big fan of the show + love tweaking images in Paint Shop Pro whenever I get a moment.


#vst / Pitchsweep,Up/Downlifter Generator Kontakt

This is a quite useful little tool from the creator of ShortNoise, PRODYON. Only $4.99 right now. To make your own wooshes, risers, downers and every wizz and shoobah that's on your mind...

Soft is here : http://www.prodyon-virtual-gear.com/products_liftor.html