Hans Zimmer's Pirates remix

that's something you can do once in a while through that Indaba site : remix some quite prestigious artists' work with all the stems given. this is from Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. You can check the original version "On Stranger Tides" in the player. My version "Sirens Call" is based on the idea that this is a nightmare scene : you dream of a peaceful sea when you're suddenly pulled from beyond (like in Harry potter's goblet of Fire). I turned the magnificent string part of Zimmer's beginning to the end with a piano version. I must say it's quite a pleasure to have some orchestral moments actually played by a real orchestra, with all the human hum that goes with it.
++ you don't need to vote for me or anything. On Indaba, most of the remixes that win the contests are electro driven.

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